About Carrie Travel & Air Cargo

About Carrie Travel & Air Cargo

Carrie Travel and Air Cargo was founded in 2014. A legally recognized travel agency of BPCPA in British Columbia, Carrie Travel is an authorized member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Located on the second floor of the Times Square building in Richmond, Carrie Travel takes great pride in offering professional service to assist our clients with all of their airfare arrangements, cruise vacations, and hotel reservations. We have the expertise you need to help you plan your ideal vacation whether it is in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, Europe, or Asia.

One of the missions of our business is to unite high quality travel with affordable pricing. Our number one priority is 100 percent customer satisfaction. To this end, we strive to meet your every travel need through exceptional service and attention to detail. Our carefully planned tours are designed to help you check off every item on your bucket list. Once travel has been completed, we carefully review each completed itinerary with an eye to improvements for future excursions. Our goal is continual growth to bring only the best travel experiences to our valued customers.

To help assist our business clients and to satisfy market demand, Carrie Travel applied for our IATA membership to provide us with the qualifications required to operate as a freight forwarding agency. This certification allows us to offer our customers the convenience of dealing with a single vendor that can help them with freight, customs clearances, and delivery of their items.

For all of your travel needs, Carrie Travel has got you covered!